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Storage Requirements

Storage spaces are designed at generous heights of up to 2.8 m. for your convenience. Some storage spaces area are equipped with optional power supply in case you need to store perishable goods in electrical equipments such as wine chillers or cigar humidifiers.

For maximum storage flexibility, U-Store@SG offers storage racks for you to store goods from as little as one single pallet. Our larger storage spaces are also accessible by forklift. Both pallet jack and forklift are available to assist your moving on site.

The flooring at U-Store@SG is epoxy coated to minimize dust collection and accommodate easy cleaning. Our loading capacity has been designed for high industrial strength of 1,500 kg / m2.

In addition to being monitored 24-7 and patrolled by our dedicated security guards, individual storage units are also alarmed for illegal entry. All storage areas are further protected with a sprinkler system, and fire extinguishers are also provided at strategic locations for additional protection

It may further comfort you to know that the Singapore G building has its foundation built on solid bedrock of the Upper Thomson area. In a Newspaper Article it was noted that buildings built upon bedrocks are less susceptible to tremors, and therefore to structural cracks, from earth movements in the neighboring regions.