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Storage Requirements

"Its very clean and hygenic. Decorated and well maintained.

Felt very welcomed and the service was excellent. Very polite and kind."

- Ms Somalu A/P Ramadu

"When I started my company few years ago, I was looking for storage facilities to store my company goods. U-store was the best quality/price. U-store provides different sizes of units accessible 24 hours so it was perfect to fit my business needs. The units are very clean and well maintained. The loading bay and the cargo lifts are large so it is easy to load and unload my goods.

It was also very important for me to be in a safe and secure location. In addition to my main storage unit, I can easily rent extra space for a short term when needed. Last but not least, I would like to thank you all the U-store team for their great customer oriented service, flexibility and support!"

- Be Aqua Pte Ltd (Ms Vanessa Gandolfi)

"Back in November 2017, my family and I were in the midst of moving house and were looking for storage facilities to store our excess items."

I recall visiting 3 different storage facility providers in various locations from the ulu to central locations and based my decision on value for money, convenience, facilities and cleanliness.

I settled on U-Store@SG at Tagore Lane, motivated by the price and additional discounts given to NSmen like myself. It was cleaner and more modern than other storage facility providers in more prominent locations, it was also more affordable given the discount. My impressions of the building was not of a storage/warehouse building but an office building."

- Mr Alexander Kok

"Facilities are easily accessible all-day round and well maintained.

Staff are very friendly and customer oriented."

- Mr Stanley Quek