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Books are very heavy. Pack them in small boxes or in luggage bags.

Packing, moving and storing tips for self storage space

Packing and moving your premises can be quite challenging. U-Store@SG is pleased to offer these tips to help you pack your belongings for a more efficient and optimum storage.


Label all boxed items ans keep a list for easy reference.stack with them labels facing outwards to save time if you have to look for something in particular.

Vacuum seal your clothing to save space and to keep them dust free.

If possible,
keep a small walkway to the back of the unit.

Use a strong box for packing. Just like our double corrugated boxes.


Reserve larger boxes for lighter possessions like bedspread, linens and blankets. Place heavy items in small boxes.


When the unit is packed, take a photo or two of your reference.

Keep items you need to access close to the front of the storage unit.

Fully utilise all the space in your unit by making a plan as how you are going to arrange your items.


Disassemble large items like beds and secure parts together so they don't get lost.

Leave a small airspace between stored items and the wall of the self storage unit for ventilation

patrol-self- storage
patrol-self- storage

Store mirrors and framed mirrors inside similar sized knock down boxes to protect them from scratches and dust. Store them on end and not flat.

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